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I would describe myself as a very determined and highly motivated person. I do take my job seriously but I’m able to see things in perspective and believe I’m quite easy-going to work with. I’m an optimist rather than a pessimist, but I’m also a realist and I cope well when the going gets tough. Above all, I would say I’m a positive person and enthusiastic person – and I relish a challenge

A Little Back Story

Growing up I was always a big dreamer….. I knew I always wanted to be someone big. I just wasn’t sure what. My first goal was to become a successful Director and make good TV commercials and also some good feature films as my father was also in the same field.

Moving forward after graduation I started working from scratch and became an assistant director and moved all the way up to Chief Director worked in 2 movies and also worked in 100 different TV commercials. But after that, I had no options as I had reached a point where I could not go to lower ranks and start again. So I did a little research and found out that in order for me to earn some good amount of money someone had to invest in my projects. The problem was there are already too many people in this field who don’t even get to reach where I had reached. So I decided to move on to something else as I couldn’t find anyone who would invest in my projects.

Move forward achieve your goals

I did a little more research and found out that you could make money online, and I said to myself if others could do this and achieve goals in life then I should definitely give it a try and work hard to achieve something big in life. I really like helping others and I really hate people getting cheated online. So I thought why not do this and help others get what they want and I’ll hopefully achieve my goals in life by helping others.

Then I came across WA and found out that they give you proper training and help you create a niche website. And thought of giving it a try. WA helps you create a good website and also help others in the process.

So here I am working on my own website in order to help others who shop online and who wouldn’t want to get cheated when they purchased a product online.

The goal of this site

The main purpose of this website is to give proper information to people who would want to buy shoes online because nowadays everyone purchases shoes online but they get cheated sometimes.

So this site gives full information on all kinds of shoes, good quality ones and also a link which redirects you to an Amazon website and allows you to purchase products online.

Let’s work towards our goals to achieve success by helping others.


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